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dosage you can control

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Micro is a proprietary blend of mushrooms designed for a microdosing experience you can control.

Enhances creativity and creates focus. Encourages new neural connections in the brain. Centers the mind.


*When used daily, Micro offers an optimal microdose experience 


Flow is an enhanced microdose experience with added ingredients to elevate the effects. 

FLOW is a microdose experience, but with added ingredients to heighten the effects.


Recommendation- Take 4 days on, 3 days off.

Turn up the colors & invoke the muse.


*When used daily, Flow offers an optimal microdose experience as well as a complete daily supplement regime with neuro-cognitive and neurogenesis benefits. 

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product photo test4201_59.JPG


When you want to go deeper & fully immerse yourself in the Muse, CHOCO is your choice.

CHOCO features 2g of Muse’s proprietor blend mixed with gourmet dark chocolate that is split into 4 pieces. 


Chew is a microdose experience in a Gummy packed with flavor and goodness. 

With only 55 mg per Chew, we allow you to decide which part of the pool you want to play in. 

Dosage you can control. For the sweet tooth.

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