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When did modern day life dim the lights on us? We’re less
connected to our senses, ourselves, our communities and
nature than we’ve ever been in history. And boy, are we
stuck that way.But we don’t think you should need FDA
approval to seek answers from within. We're against any
fear, myths and criminalization around one of nature’s most
powerful tools. And uh-oh, here comes the soap box.
We don’t think the vividness of life should just be for monks
on a mountain.

In our vision, people everywhere have legal access
to explore, play and live in the beauty of now.


Wake up twice.

Even in smaller doses, psilocybin has an incredible ability to awaken you to the awesomeness of daily consciousness. Hello world. Instead of suffering in the worries of tomorrow or the traumas and stresses of the past, we believe in the power of mushrooms to bring us firmly back to the present. Enhance the beauty of life, and brighten and enlighten our experience.


A wild awakening to the vivid rapture of life. A way to truly dial up the dazzle, open the doors of perception and get fascinated with what life has to offer. Right. This. Minute.

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